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Spoof Text

Spoof Text
Spoof Text

Secara singkat Spoof Text adalah text lucu, adapun pengertian Spoof Text dalam bahasa Inggris adalah sebagai berikut

A. Definition of Spoof Text

Some research said that being sullen or morose frequently will make us become older faster. On contrary, the research also said that smiling frequently can make us look younger and fresh. That research suggests us to smile more since smiling is free and easy. Smiling is easy. We can do it every time and everywhere. we will absolutely smile when we see or read or listen something funny. For example watching comedy movies, listening to any jokes, or read a humor article. For the last example, there is one type of humor or funny article that is called spoof. Spoot is not as popular as the other text types. However, the spoof is one of the most interesting text types since it can make reader smile, even laugh. According to Dictionary.com, Spoof may mean a mocking imitation of someone or something. usually light and good-humored.

B. Characteristics of Spoof

Hre is one thing that is so special when we talk about the characteristic of spoof. The only obvious characteristic of spoof is how the text ended. Spoof will end in an unpredictable and funny way, even it is unbelievable fictional. The other characteristic of spoof is that we can use any form of tenses since there is no special rule of tense in writing spoof.

C. Organization of Spoof

The organization of spoof is very simple and common. There is no particular term about its text organization. It consists of opening, body, and closing. Opening It consists of the introduction about the character, the setting (time and location), and the topic of the text that will be talked in the following paragraphs. Body It consists of the main article about the issue that is talked in the text. Closing It consists of the ending of the text. It is the most important part of the text. This part is the funny part of the text. However, it is usually consists of mocking imitation of someone or something. D. Examples of Spoof To help us observe and understand spoof better, there are some examples of e f spoof text that we can examine

Example 1 Doctor Successfully Transfer Dog Blood into a Human
Donor Darah 

Doctors at a hospital in Florida claim they have successfully carried out a blood transfusion between a Labrador and a male patient. Mark Prince who had been involved in a road accident had been rushed to the Mount Sinai hoS- pital in Miami and rushed into surgery. Doctors there thought had run out of blood supplies and were desperately seeking a solution when a surgeon came up with the idea. "We were desperate," said Doctor Brian Jack- son "Seeing as though his name was Mr. Prince and I have a dog, which is also called Prince, who was actually sleeping in my car, I thought what the heck! Let's try this. Unbelievably it worked!" Andrew Masterson, an associate professor and service chief of Small Animal Internal Medicine at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, said it is possible for dogs to act as blood donors for illnesses such as chronic anemia, clotting disorders, and bone marrow. "We have been working on this for a while - it looks like the Florida Surgeons beat us to it." He said, finally his work vindicated. "The ideal dog blood donor is healthy and under 8 years old, weighs more than 50 pounds, and has a friendly disposition. It must also be up to date on all its vaccinations and be free of fleas and ticks" said the Professor. Various blood banks across the country are now asking for dog owners to donate blood for it to be stored and some clinics are even hosting blood drives for canines. As for Mr. Prince? "He is doing fine," said Doctor Jackson "He went for a walk earlier and chased some birds. Hopefully, he will stop digging soon, and well, then maybe we can release him."

After reading the text, we can see how the writer constructed the text. He began with a simple opening that he wrote in the first paragraph. He stated the body of the text in the following paragraphs. He told the story in those parts. Finally, he finished the text by presenting the closing part in the last paragraph. The text ended in a unique and funny way, very typically spoof ending paragraph Here are some other examples that we can observe.

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